Saturday, January 31, 2009

Items to Discuss

Since I am new to the blogging scene and obviously don't have any posts up yet I have decided to put a couple of items into one entry that have happened to me in the month of JANUARY. My life isn't too exciting BUT it is fun none the less. So here we go!

Item #1:To start off the new year one of my friends decided to get hitched. I, being the lucky girl I am, was able to be apart of the magic and participate in the wedding party as a bridesmaid! I also got to help with makeup, hair and pictures! Always a grand time in my book! The wedding was beautiful and the Bride and Groom looked amazing! I just love them and wish them the best in life!

Item #2:
My family and I went to Disneyland! This one was QUITE the adventure! My Mom and Dad decided last minute to treat us kids to a trip to Disneyland but kept it a surprise! (I knew ahead of time, ONLY because I am a working woman and had to beg my supervisor to let me have MLK day off from work so I could go to Disneyland! )
We left late Friday night, and the kids were thinking up of all the crazy places we were going!(i.e. Ivy said Las Vegas to visit cousins, Elijah said Africa and Alpine to visit Arrow Tree, and Nick assumed the Condo in San Diego.)
We drove through the night in the "burb" to San Diego where we were going to stay the night at the Condo and then wake up to continue the drive to Anaheim. We get to the Condo at 4 AM and unload the car like zombies. We get to the door and TA-DA.... NO KEY! Dad tried to break in but Grandma Audrey keeps the doors locked tight to keep out the mold! So we had to reload the "burb" and Dad went straight to Anaheim.
So at 5:30 AM we get to Anaheim and try to get a hotel. Mind you, Dad has not slept at all, he has been the chauffeur. I kept one eye open the entire drive to make sure Dad was still awake and that we were still alive because Mom, who gets the front, was snoozing away. We were POOPED! We try five hotels and everything is booked out for some LAME MUSIC CONVENTION! Dad was getting grouchier! Finally the good ole Anaheim Sheraton had room in the inn and let us lowly travelers rest our feet.

We let Dad rest his eyes and then on we went to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! It was AWESOME! Little Elijah was super excited and we had a great time riding rides! Eli is now tall enough that he can ride everything but Screamin' at California Adventures! Gunnar did awesome and rode everything! We all got mouse ears with our names on the back! (Just so Mom and Dad could keep track of us!)
On Sunday night though, we had the best surprise EVER! We got to stay at the Grand Californian! The hotel was super nice, the beds ultra soft and the park within walking distance! It was perfect! Us big kids got to leave the hotel late and go out to Disneyland until it closed! I LOVE going on family vacations and I LOVE Disneyland!!

Item #3: I have made the decision to attend beauty school! I am starting March 3rd! With this decision is me moving back home to live with mi familia. I am really excited to start doing what I have always wanted to do! It is going to be a great experience... I hope. I definitely have to thank my old roommate MEGAN! She had the courage to just jump and do it, so it gave me courage to just do it! Like Nike. Wish me luck!

Item #4: I am getting ready right now to go donate blood at London's Run. My grandma was in charge and volunteered me to donate. I am nervous for I have never given blood before! I cannot lie, I am terrified. I get nauseous whenever I think about needles. It doesn't help that my mom informed me it is a very large needle. My stomach has been churning all morning. Then.... when I began to complain my mother said "waahh, I'm a baby" in Ivy's obnoxious voice. SO now I am off to be a HERO! I will probably faint in the process... SO look out for an update on my donating experience!