Monday, December 14, 2009

Not much on my MIND


so OBVIOUSLY I fell off the 19 days of Christmas I had started.

But that's ok.

I found some sayings that are AWESOME!

Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.

— Sex and the City

The end.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Thank You

18 Days of Christmas!

I was checking my facebook, and saw that a friend had posted video of kids being reunited with their Solider Fathers for the Holidays. I started sobbing. I am thankful all throughout the year, but especially during this season, for those Service men who are fighting constantly for MY freedom. I love this country! If you feel that you need a reminder of your gratitude for Service men, watch these videos.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do they know it's CHRISTmas time at all?

I love Christmas.

I decided to (since I missed the first couple of days of 25 days of Christmas) to do the 19 days of Christmas.

In dedication to the beginning of my 19 days of Christmas.... I begin with the amazing song from BAND-AID, Do they know it's Christmas? If you feel so inclined to take a peek at the song go here.
Last night was the Pegasus Ward Christmas Party.
Here are just a few sweet pictures!
Elijah, his elf ears and me

My mom and Allie.

Gunnar and Elijah.

Allie's Cake she made for the Best Desert Contest.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry Christmas Darling!


It's the Holiday season, I am so excited! &&& I LOVE IT!

Let's not forget the REASON for the SEASON!

Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Monday, November 23, 2009


she is entertaining.

she dances.

she makes monkey noises at me when i call the house.

she is a mad swimmer.

she is proud to be a........... bulldog ( i bet you thought i was going to say AMERICAN)

and i sort of love her... but just a little... BUT DON'T TELL HER!

she is IVY.
my little seester.

Not cool Sydney, not cool at ALL!

So My sister informed me that I had left my brother Gunnar out of my THANKFUL blog.

This was NOT intentional!

I LOVE my litlle BROTHER. He is an amazing little dude.

He has always held a special place in my heart AND has always amazed me with his intelligence!

He really IS a GENIUS!

He is super creative and smart and handsome and cool.

Yeah he is quiet BUT he is still rad.

So this post is to GUNNAR.

The coolest 11 year old I know.

To everyone who reads this blog, I suck at being a big sister.

She is so cute!

Don't believe ME???
check her out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Thankful Heart

I was reading a friends blog, and she just listed (with some cute pics) some of the things she is thankful for! At the end of her post she challenged to think of all the things you are thankful for. I have been listing the things I am thankful for everyday this last week and found that there is so much the my Heavenly Father has blessed my little life with!

Here are some other things I am so thankful for:

1.) FAMILY: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family. My parents are amazing and give me so much! I am grateful for their example & that they are sstill in love! (&&&& I am grateful they let me move back home a bajillion times!) I also have the best brothers and sisters!

2.)Friends!I have had wonderful friends, and some crappy ones too. I am still grateful for their influence in my life! It has made me grow as a person!

3.) Gospel! I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am grateful for my ward family, my loving Bishopric and for my wonderful Relief Society! I am thankful for the knowledge I have of God's Plan of Happiness and that we have the ability to attend the Temple, make covenants with God, and seal our families together for eternity!

4.) School! I am so graeful for the opportunity I have to gain an education, and futher my knowledge in both academics and spiritual aspects. I love the Insitutute and am so grateful that it has been put together, it is where I have made many friends!

This is harder to do than you think, I am so gratful for so many things and it is hard to put into words ALL that I am gratful for.

I am grateful for my health, my car, my job, my home, food, all of my senses and that I can read! I am grateful for Jesus Christ, My Savior and friend. I am gratful I can worship with music, I am gratful for my talents and for the many opportunities the Lord has provided that I may further expand my talents. I am thankful for my cozy bed, I am grateful for Hawaii and the besties I made there. I am grateful for the people my Heavenly Father has put in my life who help me stretch and grow and become a better person! I am grateful for my hands, and my feet. I am grateful for my pioneer heritage and I am grateful for lives they lived that allows me to have all that I do today. I am grateful for the encouragment that many leaders, friends and family (& family friends) give me daily to just get through each day! I am gratful for the Scriptures and for the nuggets of truth I can find in them everyday!

I AM SO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a real blog post is coming soon, i promise!

Hair grows long!

I love this song. &&&& I want a cute boy to sing it to me someday. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thank you, OCTOBER is over.

I really am so excited it is NOVEMBER! The real holiday festivities can now begin! I LOVE IT!

As you noticed form my last post, I am not that big of a fan of Halloween. I DO like the fall season.. I'm just not too fond of Halloween. BUT the real holiday's are within grasp! Is Christmas music on 99.9 yet? Probably. I LOVE IT!

Halloween was ok. I had a couple of parties to attend, missed some BUT the one's I did go to were fun. First off was a YSA (yes, I am still single.) activity. It was a dance. I didn't dress up BUT I had fun anyways. I danced my little heart out to the usual YMCA, Dancing Queen, Cha-Cha slide etc.... I also had a ward Halloween party. FUN! I love my ward. I won a contest.... the "Jonas Brothers Ring Contest" I was blindfolded and had to put a sticker as close as I could to the ring finger of a JOBRO on a poster. I won a ring-pop. How cool am I? I get to marry a JOBRO. yay me. :) I dressed up as Tigerlilly. Shredded T-shirt and feathers, and a little bit of war paint.
This weekend, on the actual day of Halloween I went to the Annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat bash at the Hunt's. I got to pass out loads of candy to kids dressed up. HOW FUN. Shortly after that I went to another YSA (still single) activity. There was this random Haunted House inside the church. (is that allowed?? ha) It wasn't really scary, but I don't do haunted ANYTHING. I did wet my pants, but just a little bit. I danced a little and met up with old friends. (Did I mention I wasn't dressed up? everyone asked me "what are you?" and I said "A Sydney".) How fun.

Thank goodness it's all over! YAY for the REAL HOLIDAYS!!!

Me winning the JOBRO poster & My ring pop engagment ring. LUCKY!

ME & Becka.

Me & JENNI, We let boys paint our fingernails..... SCARY!

This was an FHE where we carved pumpkins. Ours turned out horrid,
BUT I got to wear gloves so I didn't get pumpkin guts all over me.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

let's face it....

halloween SUCKS!
I hate being scared.
I hate that people walk around town wearing scary masks and carrying chain saws.
I hate carving yucky pumpkins that get gooey, nasty gord guts all over your arms & hands.
&&& I hate that I have no discipline for saying NO to all the candy.
( i don't mind dressing up... that's cool)
On a happier, lighter note
GRANDPA is home!
He starts Chemo tomorrow BUT he was able to come home for the last two nights after a MONTH in the hospital! yay!
Happy Halloween.
Eat an APPLE. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


& their song JUST LIKE HEAVEN.
So, so very much.
The end.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

yellow yellow!

Hello Blogging Friends: I am so grateful for the Sabbath day! I just love going to church! It makes me so happy! I also love that I can take a nap! I just wanted to blog about a couple things before I pop in THE PROPOSAL and get a little shut eye!
I LOVE the piano! serioulsy LOVE it! When I found this quote, I smiled. It gives me warm little fuzzies. Ok I am done with that one.
SCHOOL! AGH! I love cutting, coloring, styling hair! I just don't like having to go to school. I am hoping this fortune cookie holds truth and that "all" my hard work will pay off. FINGERS CROSSED.
well, it's nap time.


Anyone see Where The Wild Things Are? I heard it wasn't that good, and I am afraid to spend $10 on a movie that I will be disappointed with. You know what I am saying?

Today me &&& momma went to HOBBY LOBBY and had the most awesome trip EVER! I will post shortly all the fall/winter findings we found! I can't wait for her to decorate! YAY! & we went to this one store called Designer BLVD. OH MY CUTE! I found a great bag and a couple headbands to wear!

The Proposal is my NEW favorite movie. Seriouslyy, I think I have watched it four times this week! Call me pathetic, I don't even care!

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday! (17th) He left to go hunting but I just wanted to give a shout out to him on his birfday!
Happy Birthday DAD!
&&& If you haven't checked out Phoenix: 1901, you should probably get on that. Like now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who's that SPARTAN in MY TeePee?

BORED & TIRED on a Saturday night, I thought boring Saturday nights were only for Married couples and old spinsters.... hmmm, I guess I fit the latter category now don't I?
I believe in staying away from drugs, although I am not much a fan of pugs. I would choose the pugs over drugs... would you?

I hate cats. (I hate most animals actually, except my two dogs Chanel and Scout. They were good dogs.... RIP Scouty, and COCO Chanel..... if you are in heaven RIP too, if not, I hope you're enjoying life being called Nelly) ANYWAYS, I thought this picture was totally rad. Mostly I liked the dudes SOCKS....

You know, I think these two are actually fighting. Sort of like R.I.T.C. (rage in the cage, for those of you who are not attending the studio academy of beauty located in the heart of chandler in the waterfall plaza NEXT to a rage in the cage location where all the cool guys go to fight in a cage becase they think they're totally, is a training center where people learn to fight in a cage. K?) but really do you see the mad hops the kitty has? I totally think he is going to win. hands down he has more talent then the fruit guy with the socks.... BTW I still totally dig the socks, even though I am dissing the person WEARING them. :)


1.) He is fierce because he belongs to the cat family.... I mean come on! He is related to The Tiger, The Cougar, The Bobcat, The Cheetah, The Lion.... they are something fierce, NO? Sort of like Tyra on America's Next Top Model.... SEE? Are you imagining Tyra's FIERCE CAT EYES? Told you!

2.) He has CLAWS, but they only come out when he wants/needs them too. UNLESS his cruel owner "de-clawed him" ... && I bet he was dipped in some sort of liquid that makes his claws METAL, like WOLVERINE's claws! No fruity bed jumper with AWESOME socks could EVER beat a KITTY CAT With claws like THAT!

3.) He seems harmless but can go all CRAZY in this match... HELLO!!!!!!! have you ever heard of cat like reflexes? He will run CIRCLES around the competition.... they'll never know he is coming!! GO CAT! almost like cat kirk.... && if you don't know what I am talking about I suggest you check out Gilmore Girls Season Three Episode 52
"A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving" November 26, 2002 Cat Kirk drives Human Kirk from his home.... YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED! I promise.

ok, so after this blog post I am sure you are all thinking that I chose the drugs over the pugs.... worry not my dear bloggers.... I AM JUST STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever said DIETS were the way to go? BLAH! i am going to go eat a poptart.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall! It says it all!

I love fall.

I love fall colors!

I love pumpkins (and pumpkin pie)!

I love Fall because it brings Gerneral Conference!

I was truly edified this weekend with the words of the Prophet!

I love the weather!

I love that AZ weather knew it was time to cool down on the first day of October!

I love wearing scarves and fall fahsion!

I love the Holiday feeling that enters the air!

I love that mom starts to get the decorations out!

I love fall movies!

I love family & Thanksgiving!

AND MOST OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love that it brings us one step closer to
AZ WINTER &&& Christmas!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My cousin Braxton got home from his mission in August. I finally got ahold of the pictures from the day we went to the airport to wait for him! He served in Washington!


Me, Momma, Jessie!

Tyler, Aunt Ronda, Baby Brooks, Me

Me & Jessie

Nick got his eagle awarded to him the other night! It was neat to watch him be recognized after all of his hard work!

Nick and the other Eagle Scouts.

Me & the boys.

Nick & Bishop Larson (also known as Dad)

kass & me! She is teaching a spinning class now! Talk about discipline!!!!

Uncle Matt, Nick, Uncle Danny, Bishop

Nick & Ivy, BFF's

Life has been busy. But enjoyable as always. I am excited for FALL to be here! I can't wait for the Holiday season to get into full swing! I am looking forward to Christmas because my family is going to go to DISNEYLAND! We've never been around Christmas time so it will be a great experience! CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

::::decorating bonanza:::::

I AM SO EXCITED! I am going to redecorate my room! make it chic, or something like that! I have been checking out all sorts of places for inspiration! (mostly anthro; pb; urban outfitters) I have found some funky stuff that makes me super excited to get started! I wish i had time to get it done TODAY! :)

i am into the mirrors, chandeliers, keys, birds, bright colors (think indian market), and i can hardly stand it!!!!!!!! YAY! Hopefully we can get started like ASAP ( my mom is the decorating genius and I can't wait to get her help!) It'll be amazing!

and this is my cute sister IVY. She is a pommie.... and she chose showlow over Disneyland. obviously I am still bitter.

Monday, September 7, 2009

You say hello.... I say goodbye....

I didn't do much for labor day weekend but catching up on rest and movie watching. I had wanted to go to DISNEYLAND this weekend, and invited my sisters to go along and ALs showed much insterest! We were super excited to go! We waited for Ivy to get home from Swim practice to ask her if she wanted to go too, and she responded with "I already HAVE plans." I asked her where she was going and she informed me she was going to SHOWLOW with my family for my dad's softball tournament. SHOWLOW??????? Showlow over the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH??? Who does that really? please tell me. She told me that people who choose Showlow over Disneyland are those who love the great outdoors, softball, friends and those who don't get along with their sisters. HOW RUDE! So I stayed home and the family went to showlow. Ivy had to pom at a football game saturday morning but then drove up with another family that afternoon. enough said anbout that. The first morning the family was gone Ivy woke me up to inform me that it was raining really hard. So I wake up and get Nick so we can check the windowwells for flooding. We checked them and it didn't look too bad.... but I called Dad just incase. He explained some things we needed to do if the windowells were to flood... and I didn't understand much. We are just about to not worry about it when we looked down one windowwell and find it is an inch from flooding into our home. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Now it's time to get down to business. We franticly get a pump down there and have to watch it. It only "leaked" a little and after that it stopped raining!!!!! ADVENTURE OR WHAT?

Kiara came downn to visit for the weekend. It was good to see her! We went to her house for games and ended up making cookies and watching The Little Mermaid. ( Not my first choice but others voted, and sang along.) WE watched SNL & MADtv too.... hilarious!!!

Today I went to Michael's and bought some scrapbook paper to get all crafty since I NEVER have time for it. I enjoyed myself scrabooking and watching the toddlers and tiaras marathon. Those mom's make me sick to my stomach. haha

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's the Climb

I have been sick lately, allowing me to get caught up on my sleep and rest a bit. I didn't how much I needed it. I have been like the energizer bunny lately. :) I love school and I am so glad I have a job that is so flexible with my school schedule, but I can't deny that I get worn out and don't ever feel like I get a break! So taking one, even though I was sick, was a blessing! (In disguise!) I am so grateful for the Sabbath day, Heavenly Father definetly knew what he was doing when he rested on the seventh day!

I am looking forward to getting started on another week, rested and refreshed!

Today my cute little daddy was made Bishop of the new Pegasus Ward in the Queen Creek Arizona Stake. It was so cute to see my dad stand and be called Bishop Larson. I am excited for him to be able to serve the ward and the Lord.

Yesterday I went to Jenny's baby shower! It was so cute! Her cousin Bree made some of the cutest onezies with matching bows & feather headband clippies! Bree also made the most darling tutu! Loved it! Jenny is gonna have the best dressed baby girl EVER! Jenny looked so good! It was fun to see her and Natalie & Kassidy too! I enjoyed myself for the short time I was there! Congrats Jenny & Brigham!

life is great... just gotta keep the faith! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Come What My & LOVE It!

music:::: life
gravity::::: sarah bareilles:::: favorite song

temple::::: pondering:::: answers :)

Matthew &&& 3 Nephi::::: chapters of Inspiration this week

Extensions::::: nick found much excitment in them!

friends::::: hellogoodbye:::: love !!!

come what may &&&& love it::: LOVE IT!