Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who's that SPARTAN in MY TeePee?

BORED & TIRED on a Saturday night, I thought boring Saturday nights were only for Married couples and old spinsters.... hmmm, I guess I fit the latter category now don't I?
I believe in staying away from drugs, although I am not much a fan of pugs. I would choose the pugs over drugs... would you?

I hate cats. (I hate most animals actually, except my two dogs Chanel and Scout. They were good dogs.... RIP Scouty, and COCO Chanel..... if you are in heaven RIP too, if not, I hope you're enjoying life being called Nelly) ANYWAYS, I thought this picture was totally rad. Mostly I liked the dudes SOCKS....

You know, I think these two are actually fighting. Sort of like R.I.T.C. (rage in the cage, for those of you who are not attending the studio academy of beauty located in the heart of chandler in the waterfall plaza NEXT to a rage in the cage location where all the cool guys go to fight in a cage becase they think they're totally, is a training center where people learn to fight in a cage. K?) but really do you see the mad hops the kitty has? I totally think he is going to win. hands down he has more talent then the fruit guy with the socks.... BTW I still totally dig the socks, even though I am dissing the person WEARING them. :)


1.) He is fierce because he belongs to the cat family.... I mean come on! He is related to The Tiger, The Cougar, The Bobcat, The Cheetah, The Lion.... they are something fierce, NO? Sort of like Tyra on America's Next Top Model.... SEE? Are you imagining Tyra's FIERCE CAT EYES? Told you!

2.) He has CLAWS, but they only come out when he wants/needs them too. UNLESS his cruel owner "de-clawed him" ... && I bet he was dipped in some sort of liquid that makes his claws METAL, like WOLVERINE's claws! No fruity bed jumper with AWESOME socks could EVER beat a KITTY CAT With claws like THAT!

3.) He seems harmless but can go all CRAZY in this match... HELLO!!!!!!! have you ever heard of cat like reflexes? He will run CIRCLES around the competition.... they'll never know he is coming!! GO CAT! almost like cat kirk.... && if you don't know what I am talking about I suggest you check out Gilmore Girls Season Three Episode 52
"A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving" November 26, 2002 Cat Kirk drives Human Kirk from his home.... YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED! I promise.

ok, so after this blog post I am sure you are all thinking that I chose the drugs over the pugs.... worry not my dear bloggers.... I AM JUST STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever said DIETS were the way to go? BLAH! i am going to go eat a poptart.


  1. hahaha, Syd, you are so funny. I totally get the dieting thing. Totally blah. at least you only get silly when you're starving, I get MEAN. I wish you lived here, or us there. That way, while both of us are home on a Sat night, we could chill together.

  2. Sydney! I totally LOVE this post! I wish I were funny like you!! it just cracks me up!!!