Sunday, October 18, 2009


Anyone see Where The Wild Things Are? I heard it wasn't that good, and I am afraid to spend $10 on a movie that I will be disappointed with. You know what I am saying?

Today me &&& momma went to HOBBY LOBBY and had the most awesome trip EVER! I will post shortly all the fall/winter findings we found! I can't wait for her to decorate! YAY! & we went to this one store called Designer BLVD. OH MY CUTE! I found a great bag and a couple headbands to wear!

The Proposal is my NEW favorite movie. Seriouslyy, I think I have watched it four times this week! Call me pathetic, I don't even care!

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday! (17th) He left to go hunting but I just wanted to give a shout out to him on his birfday!
Happy Birthday DAD!
&&& If you haven't checked out Phoenix: 1901, you should probably get on that. Like now.

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  1. hey pretty!!!
    husband and i went to the midnight showing and we both LOVED it so so much! BUT... it is alot different than what you expect it to be, and i do have friends that HATED IT! i thought it was heart warming:) and it made me happy. so. yeah. i miss your face!