Friday, July 22, 2011


We went to Hawaii, and it was a blast! :)
I love that Island and it has been so depressing to be home.
Everyone in my family is feeling it... (depressed that is!)

Here are the pictures of our fantastic trip, they are in no particular order and don't even cover HALF of the funrelaxationgnargnar time we had.
Elijah just chilling with our homie RON at the Mcdonalds in Laie.
Elijah, again, just kicking back at in the Captain's chair on Battleship Missouri.
Gunnar, being all sly and such playing in the sand... which, BY THE WAY, is the BEST sand in the world!!! (that I have experienced THUS far!)
Elijah, for the third time on the mighty mo!
Laie Point, don't do it mom... don't JUMP!
Gunnar & Allie at Mcdonalds in Laie.
Heaven in pie form..... only found at Ted's Bakery by Sunset beach... but really.
Elijah, AGAIN (it is the elijah show on my camera! I guess I just love the kid!) at Ted's.
Gunnar at Teds. Which he kept calling Freds. (Did I mention Teds was across the street from us? The easiest and most guiltless wall of my life)
Tarzan, I mean Ivy, at Mothers Beach.
Parents at Teds with said Heaven sent pie.
Walking to Teds. (you thought I was kidding!)
Our Hawaiian pad!
Our view... oh I miss it already!
Mighty Mo!
Church! So neat to attend a local ward!
Laie days! !Good food... and some music. (beautiful womens... you making me crazy.)

Aloha Oe... until we meet again.

Friday, July 1, 2011



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