Saturday, June 19, 2010


Why yes, I did get new bathing suits! Thanks for asking! I LOVE THEM! they are so cute &&& and modest &&& flattering!

Check them out @

We leave for Lake Powell tomorrow.... (tomorrow... tomorrow.., I'll LOVE ya, tomorrow. That's only a DAY away!!!!!)

we are gonna have a BLAST! While at Lake Powell we are going , but are not limited to:
  • wake board
  • ride jet skis
  • wake surf
  • wake skate (nick)
  • chill
  • have dinner themes w/decorations
  • hike
  • rock jump
  • swim
  • tan
  • talent show
  • mad games of BS & egyptian rat dance
  • catch up on reading
  • fireworks (maybe)
  • whatever the heck else we want because we're gonna be on a houseboat!
look forward to a new post when I get back!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have neglected my blog for FAR too long!

HERE I AM! &&& I have FINISHED beauty school! YAY! After beauty school grad I went to CALIfornia with Nick & Joshua Larry. We drove my little BLUE pt cruiser to SIX FLAGS..... and we had fun. Mainly we enJOYed lots o' whiplashing roller coasters and running around. :)
We even got to see/meet/take photos with: SPEEDY gonzalez, Tweety bird, Sylvester the cat && last but not least.... Bugs Bunny. (i know right!)

After our exciting day at six flags we began our drive home to good old AZ... then the REAL adventure began!!!! While on the 10 my cute little car started acting up. && SHE BROKE DOWN! While Nick was driving in bumper to bumper traffic. (mind you... this was the Friday beginning labor day weekend... perfect timing, no?) Thanks to the expert advice of Joshua Larry we were able to get off the freeway and stop at the closest MCDONALDS ( i needed my Diet Coke anyway - win/win) We call mom & dad... fweaking OUT! (ps- i have no $$$.... nick has no $$$ and joshua larry had just paid for our hotel so he gots no $$$ either) My dad asks us where we are... I have NO answer. I don't know where we are.... california??? so we ask the peeps inside mickeyd's and they tell us we are in a town called FONTANA, CA.

We take our car to pep boys.... they tell us it is gonna be awhile and they send us on our way and tell us "have fun in Fontana". We find TOYS R' US nearby and play inside for a while, purchase some yo-yo's and wait, and wait and wait and WAIT. We did go to the movies to see Shrek while we waited. It was ok.

We get to the auto shop again and they tell us we need to leave the PT (her name is Darla) overnight and they'll continue working in the morning. I tell them that we don't have that option. Mom & Dad help us out, pay for our repairs and we head back home AGAINST what the dude at PEP BOYS sugests. (thank goodness for prayer & promptings) we knew we would make it . We left this town.... drove 6 hours and made it home around 3 am. we went to bed and a couple hours later MOM woke us up to go to Pinetop for Memorial Day Weekend. We rented out this nice little cabin, bbq'd, watched dad play softball, saw Letters to Juliet, played many rounds of Egyptian Rat Dance and BS, &&& just relaxed. :)

Now.... we leave for LAKE POWELL on Sunday-fathers day... it's gonna be GRAND! Can't wait! (hopefully i get along with everyone....)

peace & blessings.... peace & blessings!