Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lean not unto thine own understanding.....

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go the Temple to perform baptisms with my ward family. It was a great and satisfying day. While I was waiting to change I had the opportunity to visit with Desi and we talked about our lives and a little about our struggles. In talking with her I found we had a lot in common with giving all our hearts and not getting all of it back in return. She gave me a scripture to ponder and it is one that has given her the extra push she needs to make it though each day. It is found in the Book Of Mormon.

Alma 36:3
"And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."

This scripture has become MY strength the last couple of days. It has been a source of comfort and has been testimony to me that the Lord is aware of us and LOVES US! He truly does! When Sunday approached and I attended Gospel Doctrine class the lesson was on Purpose, Afflictions and Promises. The scripture that Kami (she gave the lesson) put on the chalk board was.... ta-da.... Alma 36:3. I looked to Desi and she winked. The Lord knows of our needs and gives us the tools and friends we need to meet to make it through each day.

As I try to continue in my own progression I look around at those who I have come to know and wonder why they seem to be progressing farther or in different paths then myself. I had a dream the other night, I was running with lots of people.... maybe a marathon or something. Not sure exactly {I am not much of a runner so it was a strange dream ;) }
I was keeping up with everyone, trying to keep at the front of the pack. Soon enough everyone was flying by me. I started digging and trying my hardest to keep up but it was NOT happening. My legs were burning, I was sweating up a storm and I could hardly breath.

Sure enough I looked down and I was on a treadmill and everyone else was heading to the finish line. It was bizarre, but when I talked to my mom about it later.... she said she thinks it is because I feel like everyone else is getting farther ahead of me in life and I am trying to keep up with, but just can't. It's situations like these that I find strength and comfort and hope in the scriptures, on my knees, and at the Temple. The Lord gives us tools to get through the trials, because he wants us to draw closer to him and to rely on him. I don't know why I think I can do it on my own.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life is for living.... NOT SLEEPING!

This last week has been quite the adventure! It was the first week on the floor and everyday I saw a client! I really enjoy making people feel good about themselves by doing their HAIR! now i need to find the time to do MY HAIR! yikes :)

Besides being busy on the floor at school I had an eventful weekend.

Friday: After work Ashley decided it would be fun to go SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! ( i can never turn down a shopping date... NEVER!) So we went to Chandler Fashion Center and stopped by a couple of our favorite shops. I found the cutest dress at forever 21! I just love it! We sat in the food court and ate a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon and had an amazing talk about church things. I love that about my friendship with Ashley, even thought we belong to two different faiths, we still can talk openly and comfortably about our religion. I always enjoy spending time with Ashley! Later that night Mike & Max, Camry & Zach and Amarae came over to the house to watch a movie for Mike's birthday. Max had just returned from his mission in Brazil, so it was the first time I had got to see him. During the movie I feel asleep (shop til you drop... that's my motto) and I think so did everyone else. Alll in all it was a goodnight!

Saturday: School was grand, Ashley came in for a cut and color! Following school I had to set up for a huge YSA activity at the church building. We had it themed BLAST FROM THE PAST and everyone was to dress up from any era and have fun playing games from our childhood & dance! At first I was worried that no one would attend but towards the end it was a success! I loved being able to see all the friends I have made over the years that are spread out come together! SO FUN! After the big dancing palooza was finished I got to stick around and clean up. There were many who stayed to help that we were so appreciative of because we were all POOPED from dancing the night away!

Sunday: Bishop asked that I come and meet with him in the morning.... dun dun dunnnnnn... I knew I was getting a new calling. When all was said and done they released me from activities commitee and put me in as the compassionate service leader. Those two things (compassion and service) are the two biggest things I struggle with SO it will be a great experience to serve the ward. The Lord has something up his sleeve.... :) After church we had family dinner and I watched Twilight with Ivy. Everytime I watch that movie it gets more and more dumb. The end of the day I went over to the Peterson's for game night and we watched Brian Regan and jammed to the guitar.... and then monday came too fast!

Monday: I went to work. big whoop. But Monday night I sat and watched old movies with momma. it was fun. i love my mom. she makes me laugh.

Tuesday: I had school and work and later that night I had FHE. For the activity we made cars (out of cardboard boxes) and "drove" (pushed) them to the drive in. In the cultural hall we watched a movie called the "Phone Call". It was fun and my car made me laugh! Brandon helped me with the detailing on the car.

Today (wednesday): I woke up late so skipped out on school and now my family is going to the lake! YAY! I haven't been ALL SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! peace.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We'll all float on......

Nick is all graduated. He started college last week. I never thought I would be old enough to see my little brother attend college.... when I am not finished myself. Weird. Congrats Nick. I am proud of you! Keep on keeping on!

I cut all my hair off. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. But it's done and sometimes I like it, sorta. :) I am in beauty school... it comes with the territory!

I am keeping busy with school (I'm now on the floor!) and work. If you need a haircut, perm, color, or just want to come and support me....

Call to make an appointment at the Studio Academy of beauty.... 4808571138... request SYDNEY!

I just finished up a week vacation at the Larson pool! (Couldn't afford a REAL vacation! Pathetic I know. I am over it.) It was nice not having too many commitments and just relaxing! I read a couple of books. Caught up on some ZZZZZ's and got a little tan!!! (ok sunburned.... but don't tell Dr. Wolk!)

Oh yeah and back in June my singles ward went to the Dbacks game... good times.
I have made some great friends in the ward. I really am glad I decided to move back to the QC.... even if it is a hecka drive to get anywhere!

The fam went to lake powell without me. :`( While they were gone I was in charge of taking care and watering my mother's plants. The blackberries didn't make it the 9 days they were gone. SORRY that I don't have a green thumb MOM! :) She was pretty cool about their death.... and that surprised me. We'll see if she leaves me to care for the plants again!

That's it... until my next blog. Love ya'll! :)