Sunday, July 12, 2009

We'll all float on......

Nick is all graduated. He started college last week. I never thought I would be old enough to see my little brother attend college.... when I am not finished myself. Weird. Congrats Nick. I am proud of you! Keep on keeping on!

I cut all my hair off. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. But it's done and sometimes I like it, sorta. :) I am in beauty school... it comes with the territory!

I am keeping busy with school (I'm now on the floor!) and work. If you need a haircut, perm, color, or just want to come and support me....

Call to make an appointment at the Studio Academy of beauty.... 4808571138... request SYDNEY!

I just finished up a week vacation at the Larson pool! (Couldn't afford a REAL vacation! Pathetic I know. I am over it.) It was nice not having too many commitments and just relaxing! I read a couple of books. Caught up on some ZZZZZ's and got a little tan!!! (ok sunburned.... but don't tell Dr. Wolk!)

Oh yeah and back in June my singles ward went to the Dbacks game... good times.
I have made some great friends in the ward. I really am glad I decided to move back to the QC.... even if it is a hecka drive to get anywhere!

The fam went to lake powell without me. :`( While they were gone I was in charge of taking care and watering my mother's plants. The blackberries didn't make it the 9 days they were gone. SORRY that I don't have a green thumb MOM! :) She was pretty cool about their death.... and that surprised me. We'll see if she leaves me to care for the plants again!

That's it... until my next blog. Love ya'll! :)

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