Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weddingful Weekend

Two of my dearest friends got married this last month, on the SAME weekend. It was so awesome to see both friends (Kiara and Camry) so happy. I was MOH for Kiara's wedding and got to assist her in getting ready for her wedding day! She was such a BEAUTIFUL bride. I adore this girl, and Sam (her husband) couldn't have found a more perfect girl in the entire world!

 So many sweet and amazing friends come down for Kiara's wedding. I love these girls with all my heart. It was so fun to reminisce with them about EA and to catch up on what they are up to these days. It warmed my heart so much to be in the company of so many stellar woman who I can call my friends!
Camry was such a beautiful bride! 

 Loved getting together with these girls at Camry's wedding.
These girls were such good friends in my ward growing up in the QC. So good to catch up. 

Anything Pumpkin!

That time of year has come and gone, the one that starts the  Holiday season. I have a love hate relationship with this time of year. I love the pumpkin, I love the boots and scarves (ha!), I love the apples, I love the festivities and I love the togetherness that begins during the month of October. I strongly dislike the scary stuff, the ghosts and scary movies, the monsters and the deranged people who come out during Halloween. I am a clean and fun, happy go lucky Halloween girl! :)

To start the season off right we went to Disneyland for Halloween time (mentioned in my previous post). Then we finished the season off strong with the Annual Pumpkin Carving at the Lambs house. 
 I tried to carve the Mockingjay from Hunger Games. I really nailed that one, what an embarrassment. 
 Ivy and I showing off our masterpieces.... or pieces that we didn't end up finishing.
 During our laughs at our failed attempts at elite pumpkin carving, we found a new talent! 
 My beautiful sisters and the Nightmare before Christmas pumpkins!
 Sisters, Sisters. 
 having fun on the little motorbike. 
 Zombie Cowboy and little Indian. 
Ivy's awesome Dias De Les Muertos face.
 Gunnar's Perry the Platypus pumpkin!
 We had family movie night in the back yard. It was freezing. 

 I am sure this isn't the safest thing to do, but it was fun!

My awesome parents at the Neighborhood Halloween Bash. 

We had a great time for Halloween. It was so fun dressing up, carving pumpkins and eating candy! I cannot   lie, I am so ready for the Christmas Holiday! It is upon us.