Thursday, October 14, 2010

October activities

Hi, it's October.
The siblings have been on October break.
We were gonna do Disney but it didn't happen.
It's really warm right now and so the Lamb girls and the girls from my family went to
the Salt River and went TUBING...
It's fall and we're still having summer fun.
Arizona... let's get with the program.

But it was fun, I had never been before.
Definitely a great activity and now I'm tan again for fall. SUH-WEET.


* disclaimer: I am not that thin... this picture is from 2007*

So, for 6 years I drove an Indigo Blue PT Cruiser. It was MY car and it was a gift from the parentals for Christmas when I was a senior in HS. I was so excited for a car. It served me well driving around good old QC and even went with me when I went away to school in Thatcher. Everyone knew it was me because of the BIG dent in the back (from an accident in my own drive way... oops!) It served me well getting me to work and school and driving me to the movies and the mall (i love the mall). Her name was Darla and she was a great first car for me.

Well somewhere in my ownership of Darla she became UN-cool. (somehow my sister who is 7 years younger decided Darla was a pt loser and didn't have any street cred.) While out on the road... people didn't respect the PT. Other Drivers would pass her like she was some nuisance on the road and would drive pass like I was a SNOW BIRD or something, even though I was keeping up with them on highway. FOR REALS. No one else in my family would drive her, she sort of died on us on our drive to California this summer (that post is in my June posts) and it was time to retire Darla form duty.

I have been looking at cars for a while. Let's be real cars are EXPENSIVE. So finding one in my budget and finding one with the stamp of approval from Father was a process. BUT we found one. She is a beaut! She drives nice, looks nice and was affordable! :)

She doesn't have a name yet BUT she has the looks -and the guts!

2008 Nissan Rogue!

sorry for the stinky picture... :)

Drivers on the freeway- RESPECT.
I better not get no beef out on the road.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Real or Not Real?: an "ah ha" moment.

Real or Not Real?: an "ah ha" moment.: "yesterday i sent this quote to my friend teresa.teresa responded with the most awesome thought ever. i will just have to do a direct quote..."

last one of the day

It's the beginning!
It's officially October.
It's officially the beginning of the Holiday season.
We can decorate the house with cute decorations.
We can start purchasing the Halloween Candy.
We can start getting pumped for the pumpkin flavored
and scented things to start coming out.
We can start CELEBRATING!

because I TOLD you I love Disney

I am planning on going to Disneyland with my sibs for Halloweentime.

IT's going to be rad and we're gonna go to the MICKEY's Trick o tREAT Party!!

I am excited and it sounds like it's going to be loads of fun.
We went around Halloweentime in 2007 (the picture is to the left of my blog... back when I was thin. :]
We love Disney and always have a fun time.
Can't wait!


In lieu of Diet Coke I have filled my time and life with better things.

I love crafts. SO i find myself here ALOT. yep. COSTA VIDA.
I didn't get my curvy lady lumps from running on a treadmill and starving myself. I got them from eating.... and eating YUMMY food. I love the sweet pork salad with chipotle ranch. delicioso!
Here is an example of the crafts I've been getting on since trying to rid myself of the diet coke poison. Instead of rotting my insides and staining my teeth I have taken to making cute flowers to put on cardigans (articardis) and headbands and purses etc. be jealous.

ok, this is just because everyone else seems to be OBSESSED with cupcakes and i'm a total follower.... I LOVE CUPCAKES (not really!)

this blog post is dedicated to all those ladies who rag on the blogging community! It's fun to blog! before you dis it TRY it!

nasty habit

You might think I am talking about SMOKING.

I'm not.

The nasty habit I am refering to is my addiction


I have been DC free for 1 week.
Celebrate with me! (jk)
BUT really, I keep telling myself I don't miss the nasty liquid.
I might be lying to myself BUT I am gonna stick to this!

Beauty & the Beast

So.. this month at Gammage Beauty and the Beast is showing!

eek!!!!!!!!!!! (that was an excited eek not a scared EEK!)

I cannot wait. I LOVE Beauty & the Beast.

what is that I hear?

Beauty & the Beast is being released from the Disney Vault? I can purchase it on Disney Blu-ray and DVD?


You have no Idead how happy I am for this! I LOVE THE MONTH OF OCTOBER! YAY


Ok, ok.

I know I am an adult BUT at my house we watch alot of Disney channel.

reasons this is so:

1.) We have lots of kids.... ranging in all ages.... so Disney Channel is a station we can watch and not have to worry something inappropriate will happen and have to cover someone's eyes & ears. win/win for the family... alll age appropriate shows and movies.

2.) Some of the shows really are funny. ex. Sonny with a Chance and Good Luck Charlie. I am always laughing when these shows are on. Good clean humor. A-O-K!

3.) CDC- What a babe.

4.) Let's face it... we are a DISNEY obsessed family. :)

5.) What else is on? (besides Glee, and greys anatomy? which I usually watch online so my family isn't subjected to it's filth?)

on my mind...

life is so fun and interesting.

I have been playing mother for a couple of days.

I love it.

I wake up, get this kids ready for school.

Drop off Hajile.

Tidy up the house.

Start some laundry.

Watch the TODAY show.

Eat some breakfast.

Read a bit from scriptures.

Take a nap.

The Kids come home from Half day.

I eat lunch.

We watched Glee (finished the first season)

Watched Prince of PErsia.

Made some cute flowers from fabric/turned into headbands.

get kids off to practice.

Made cookies with haj.

Made Dinner w/homemade rolls.

I have been on FIRE.

BUT I'm glad the parents will be home!


General Conference. I Love General Conference! I am sad I won't be there live BUT it'll be great to watch at home and be fed the good word!