Thursday, October 14, 2010


* disclaimer: I am not that thin... this picture is from 2007*

So, for 6 years I drove an Indigo Blue PT Cruiser. It was MY car and it was a gift from the parentals for Christmas when I was a senior in HS. I was so excited for a car. It served me well driving around good old QC and even went with me when I went away to school in Thatcher. Everyone knew it was me because of the BIG dent in the back (from an accident in my own drive way... oops!) It served me well getting me to work and school and driving me to the movies and the mall (i love the mall). Her name was Darla and she was a great first car for me.

Well somewhere in my ownership of Darla she became UN-cool. (somehow my sister who is 7 years younger decided Darla was a pt loser and didn't have any street cred.) While out on the road... people didn't respect the PT. Other Drivers would pass her like she was some nuisance on the road and would drive pass like I was a SNOW BIRD or something, even though I was keeping up with them on highway. FOR REALS. No one else in my family would drive her, she sort of died on us on our drive to California this summer (that post is in my June posts) and it was time to retire Darla form duty.

I have been looking at cars for a while. Let's be real cars are EXPENSIVE. So finding one in my budget and finding one with the stamp of approval from Father was a process. BUT we found one. She is a beaut! She drives nice, looks nice and was affordable! :)

She doesn't have a name yet BUT she has the looks -and the guts!

2008 Nissan Rogue!

sorry for the stinky picture... :)

Drivers on the freeway- RESPECT.
I better not get no beef out on the road.

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