Friday, October 1, 2010


In lieu of Diet Coke I have filled my time and life with better things.

I love crafts. SO i find myself here ALOT. yep. COSTA VIDA.
I didn't get my curvy lady lumps from running on a treadmill and starving myself. I got them from eating.... and eating YUMMY food. I love the sweet pork salad with chipotle ranch. delicioso!
Here is an example of the crafts I've been getting on since trying to rid myself of the diet coke poison. Instead of rotting my insides and staining my teeth I have taken to making cute flowers to put on cardigans (articardis) and headbands and purses etc. be jealous.

ok, this is just because everyone else seems to be OBSESSED with cupcakes and i'm a total follower.... I LOVE CUPCAKES (not really!)

this blog post is dedicated to all those ladies who rag on the blogging community! It's fun to blog! before you dis it TRY it!

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