Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Parle Vous Francais?


I am brace free!

I went to a Suns game with Als for her birthday!
THANKS G&G Bowyer!

I went to the Drag Races this weekend with some friends in the singles ward, it was WAY fun and WAY intense!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In His Image

Tonight at Institute Brother & Sister Basha gave their lesson on Jesus Christ as the Son of God. During this lesson Sister Basha related an experience of when she and Brother Basha went to the Reflections of Christ Exhibit at the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors Center by Mark Mabry. During this exhibit they had the opportunity to meet the actor who portrayed Jesus Christ in the photographs (he also portrays Christ in the Easter Pagaent at the Visitors Center.) While meeting him they said "It must be an awesome honor looking like Christ" and his wife responded... "We all look like Christ". This stood out to me during the lesson because of all the times growing up in Young Women's when we are told to have Christ's Image in Our Countenance. Our Savior wants us to live a life like he led. To have His attributes and to ultimately return to live with our Father in Heaven. I hope that I am able to live a Christlike life, to be an example of Christ to others and to always have His image in my countenance.

Every town needs more than one Boo Radley.

My dad said the funniest thing yesterday when he came into the kitchen. When he walked in he looked out the window and made the remark "Today is a day pooh and piglet wouldn't like. It's a blustery day." It was classic! I had a good laugh but it was true. The day was awesome. The rain and wind made me want to snuggle up next to the fireplace and read a good book. This now leads me to my next topic... I read the book He's Just Not That Into You. BRILLIANT work! I learned SO much from this book! haha All in all it was a wonderful day. To end the day I went to Ulta with my mom and bought new mascara and hairspray! Why I gave a play by play of my day... I do not know! enJOY. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

BFFL- Best Friends For Life!

I have a wonderful friend named Kiara!
She has been my bestie for quite some time now.
We went to HS together and then we
nt on to be roommates at EA.
She has been there through the fun times and the sad times.
We have been apart since I went away to school in HI.
When I returned she wen
t on to BYU.
It is amazing to me that even though we only see each other a couple times during the year that our friendship has stayed the same.
We still talk and text all the time catching eachother up on the happenings of life.
We call to vent, cry and laugh.
Sometimes we even chat just to chat.
I love this girl and I know she is gonna do AMAZING things with her life... she already has!
I know she will bless others life like she has mine!
No one can meet Kiki an
d not love her!

She has been a strength to me, some one I know I can ALWAYS count on.
If you haven't noticed from this blog... I miss Kiara!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mermaid Girl!

So I just spent an hour of my life watching a special on TLC. It was titled Mermaid Girl. This young girl named Shiloh Pepin has fused legs and is a legit mermaid! I find her story very interesting and it makes me feel so grateful for all the Lord has given me. I have two working legs, a healthy heart and good health! I am so grateful that I have an able body and can work and love and live! Thank You Shiloh Pepin for living a happy life through all of your hardship to give me the reminder I need to live a happy and grateful life!

Dedication to the month of LOVE.

The month of love is a special month for me this year. First off... I am getting my braces off on the 17th. I LOVE that! Then on the 26th I turn 22. (I don't so much love this one BUT it is inevitable.) This month I also am moving home... so I can start school at the Studio in Chandler. It is going to be a month of happenings.