Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In His Image

Tonight at Institute Brother & Sister Basha gave their lesson on Jesus Christ as the Son of God. During this lesson Sister Basha related an experience of when she and Brother Basha went to the Reflections of Christ Exhibit at the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors Center by Mark Mabry. During this exhibit they had the opportunity to meet the actor who portrayed Jesus Christ in the photographs (he also portrays Christ in the Easter Pagaent at the Visitors Center.) While meeting him they said "It must be an awesome honor looking like Christ" and his wife responded... "We all look like Christ". This stood out to me during the lesson because of all the times growing up in Young Women's when we are told to have Christ's Image in Our Countenance. Our Savior wants us to live a life like he led. To have His attributes and to ultimately return to live with our Father in Heaven. I hope that I am able to live a Christlike life, to be an example of Christ to others and to always have His image in my countenance.


  1. Sydeny, you've always been a Christlike example to me! Always so sweet and kind, and never bratty! (even when we little kids and I was a HUGE brat!)

  2. *when we WERE little kids (I missed a word)

  3. Hey Sydney! I found your blog! Now we can be blogging friends!