Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thank you, OCTOBER is over.

I really am so excited it is NOVEMBER! The real holiday festivities can now begin! I LOVE IT!

As you noticed form my last post, I am not that big of a fan of Halloween. I DO like the fall season.. I'm just not too fond of Halloween. BUT the real holiday's are within grasp! Is Christmas music on 99.9 yet? Probably. I LOVE IT!

Halloween was ok. I had a couple of parties to attend, missed some BUT the one's I did go to were fun. First off was a YSA (yes, I am still single.) activity. It was a dance. I didn't dress up BUT I had fun anyways. I danced my little heart out to the usual YMCA, Dancing Queen, Cha-Cha slide etc.... I also had a ward Halloween party. FUN! I love my ward. I won a contest.... the "Jonas Brothers Ring Contest" I was blindfolded and had to put a sticker as close as I could to the ring finger of a JOBRO on a poster. I won a ring-pop. How cool am I? I get to marry a JOBRO. yay me. :) I dressed up as Tigerlilly. Shredded T-shirt and feathers, and a little bit of war paint.
This weekend, on the actual day of Halloween I went to the Annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat bash at the Hunt's. I got to pass out loads of candy to kids dressed up. HOW FUN. Shortly after that I went to another YSA (still single) activity. There was this random Haunted House inside the church. (is that allowed?? ha) It wasn't really scary, but I don't do haunted ANYTHING. I did wet my pants, but just a little bit. I danced a little and met up with old friends. (Did I mention I wasn't dressed up? everyone asked me "what are you?" and I said "A Sydney".) How fun.

Thank goodness it's all over! YAY for the REAL HOLIDAYS!!!

Me winning the JOBRO poster & My ring pop engagment ring. LUCKY!

ME & Becka.

Me & JENNI, We let boys paint our fingernails..... SCARY!

This was an FHE where we carved pumpkins. Ours turned out horrid,
BUT I got to wear gloves so I didn't get pumpkin guts all over me.


  1. Sydney I hate the scary thing too! No scary movies, no haunted houses, none of it! I enjoy the "Happy Halloween" where we carve Disney pumpkins, wear costumes and make home made chili ha ha! Call me a wimp, but Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party is the best! As much as I love the string of holidays, I agree with you... on with the show! :) Happy Holidays!

  2. your costumes looks so cute! and I too am soooo excited for the holidays, nothin like em:) and that last picture is that brittney poulsen?? ya, I used to babysit her! wierd!Im old!