Sunday, September 13, 2009

::::decorating bonanza:::::

I AM SO EXCITED! I am going to redecorate my room! make it chic, or something like that! I have been checking out all sorts of places for inspiration! (mostly anthro; pb; urban outfitters) I have found some funky stuff that makes me super excited to get started! I wish i had time to get it done TODAY! :)

i am into the mirrors, chandeliers, keys, birds, bright colors (think indian market), and i can hardly stand it!!!!!!!! YAY! Hopefully we can get started like ASAP ( my mom is the decorating genius and I can't wait to get her help!) It'll be amazing!

and this is my cute sister IVY. She is a pommie.... and she chose showlow over Disneyland. obviously I am still bitter.


  1. HI ! I dont know if you remember me .. I found you off of Bre Clarks Blog! We went to the same ward in queen creek like 8 years ago.. !! Anyways thats awesome that you are in beauty school I am also a Beauty School girl and I love it!

  2. Sydney! Ok so I am currently trying to figure out the whole paypal thing so people can pay online and then I can mail it to them...but I havent yet. So if you want you could come pick it up...let me know. You can email me your number if you want and we can figure out what will be most convenient for you. Ps...that one is like my favorite! Good choice!

  3. Hey Sydee!! I bet your room is gonna be to die for when you finish! Have fun! Decorating is so fun. Yeah!!