Monday, September 7, 2009

You say hello.... I say goodbye....

I didn't do much for labor day weekend but catching up on rest and movie watching. I had wanted to go to DISNEYLAND this weekend, and invited my sisters to go along and ALs showed much insterest! We were super excited to go! We waited for Ivy to get home from Swim practice to ask her if she wanted to go too, and she responded with "I already HAVE plans." I asked her where she was going and she informed me she was going to SHOWLOW with my family for my dad's softball tournament. SHOWLOW??????? Showlow over the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH??? Who does that really? please tell me. She told me that people who choose Showlow over Disneyland are those who love the great outdoors, softball, friends and those who don't get along with their sisters. HOW RUDE! So I stayed home and the family went to showlow. Ivy had to pom at a football game saturday morning but then drove up with another family that afternoon. enough said anbout that. The first morning the family was gone Ivy woke me up to inform me that it was raining really hard. So I wake up and get Nick so we can check the windowwells for flooding. We checked them and it didn't look too bad.... but I called Dad just incase. He explained some things we needed to do if the windowells were to flood... and I didn't understand much. We are just about to not worry about it when we looked down one windowwell and find it is an inch from flooding into our home. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Now it's time to get down to business. We franticly get a pump down there and have to watch it. It only "leaked" a little and after that it stopped raining!!!!! ADVENTURE OR WHAT?

Kiara came downn to visit for the weekend. It was good to see her! We went to her house for games and ended up making cookies and watching The Little Mermaid. ( Not my first choice but others voted, and sang along.) WE watched SNL & MADtv too.... hilarious!!!

Today I went to Michael's and bought some scrapbook paper to get all crafty since I NEVER have time for it. I enjoyed myself scrabooking and watching the toddlers and tiaras marathon. Those mom's make me sick to my stomach. haha


  1. Hey, I think your sis is crazy. Really? Who would pick Show Low over Dland? You should just drive back to SD with me when I come down in a couple weeks, and we can go together! And then you can just fly home. It's only like 50 bucks one way with Southwest. ANyway, miss you!

  2. SYDNEY! I love you. You crack me up! So fun you are going to beauty school! I'm in the process of enrolling...I can't wait!