Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My cousin Braxton got home from his mission in August. I finally got ahold of the pictures from the day we went to the airport to wait for him! He served in Washington!


Me, Momma, Jessie!

Tyler, Aunt Ronda, Baby Brooks, Me

Me & Jessie

Nick got his eagle awarded to him the other night! It was neat to watch him be recognized after all of his hard work!

Nick and the other Eagle Scouts.

Me & the boys.

Nick & Bishop Larson (also known as Dad)

kass & me! She is teaching a spinning class now! Talk about discipline!!!!

Uncle Matt, Nick, Uncle Danny, Bishop

Nick & Ivy, BFF's

Life has been busy. But enjoyable as always. I am excited for FALL to be here! I can't wait for the Holiday season to get into full swing! I am looking forward to Christmas because my family is going to go to DISNEYLAND! We've never been around Christmas time so it will be a great experience! CAN'T WAIT!


  1. Your title photo is so good! You look so pretty! (not that you don't all the time)
    Yay Nick! That was a really good Court of Honor! I wish I didn't have to wrestle with my kids the whole time!
    I've been to DLand during Christmas and it's awesome! It snows in Main Street, and they have a cool CHristmas parade with Santa! When are you guys going? I would love to meet up with you for an afternoon or something!

  2. K why is it that I have never seen a blog this cute before? How did you do the cute cursive on your post titles? You are seriously talented in so many areas. Syd- you are awesome, really I am so glad to have gotten to know you. Hope your not to bored with out your fam. You can always come and entertain me:) Keep up all the hard work! It will pay off!