Sunday, April 10, 2011


Disneyland... I know I know... I blog about Disney alot. BUT this was a fantastic trip to DISNEY! We had so much fun! Ivy got to compete in Nationals for POM and WE (the fam) got to go to DISNEYLAND because her competition was in ANAHEIM! Get ready for the best picture overload of your life!
The last night we were at Disneyland I had the three youngest SIBs. We decided to ride Matterhorn. It wasnt a bad wait so we got onto the ride in decent time. In riding MATTERHORN a couple times I notcied that this ride was a lot faster then the norm. About half way through the ride (or I guess you can say half way down the mountain) the ride stopped. Weird right??? We sat on the ride for about 10-15 minutes and THEN we were walked off the ride (through the center of the mountain! not as cool as you think... it is actually really dirty!) And the lady that walked us off they gave us a "front of the line" pass that allowed us to cut everyone. So OF COURSE we immediately run to space mountain and only wait 15 minutes instead of 70! yay baby!

here are my CUTE parents
on the pier at HB!

Eli & Dad watching the Surfers on the pier!
Mom sending love to Elder Nick!

the boys swimming at the resort!

My cute parents at Ariel's Grotto
My new fave ride, Mom & Allie

Ridding Mark Twain W/ My mom!

Best Breakfast at the park
Eating at Big Thunder BBQ! Delicious!

Rained a whole lot!
Ivy & Allie spending some quality time w/their man

Cute fam on Sailing ship Columbia!

Eli & Mom at the center of Disneyland!

Allie in front of her Dream HOME!
Eli riding the canoes!

Tower of Terror! AHHHH!!!!

Canoes.... again!

Riding Matterhorn w/ the Lambs
Happy Birthday IVY!

World of COLOR!

Space Mountain! Go Gunnar!
Happy BDAY Gunnar

Our stay at th DLAND Resort was AMAZING!

Our view from our room!

We had a great time! I don't think I will ever get sick of the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!

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