Sunday, March 15, 2009

You best recognize!

Life is zooming by. I started Hair school! It is so fun but harder then I expected it to be. I have fun at school & the girls are awesome! Work is great too, I go in everyday after school until 6 or 7, making my days long. When I get home I am usually pretty exhausted! So far so good!

Last weekend I went with a friend Ashley to see our friend Paige sing with Calbap Choir. It was held at Scottsdale Bible. I enjoyed it immensely! The music was wonderful & the choir was so talented! It was fun to experience a different faith's way of worship and faithful expression! I loved seeing Paige too! She is one awesome girl and I have enjoyed staying in touch with her from HS and also seeing the wonderful things she is doing with her life! It was a great experience!

Eli turned 6 this week! It is amazing to see him grow up and become such a big boy! When everyone wished him HAPPY BIRTHDAY he kept thanking everyone and it was sweet! I can't believe he is so old! like i said before... LIFE IS ZOOMING BY! but at least I am enJOYing it!

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  1. Sydney! I didnt know you had a blog! That is so awesome you are doing cosmetology school! Oh and I have to tell you that you are completely gorgeous! I'm in love with your hair :) Don't forget to have some fun with your crazy schedule!!!