Monday, March 1, 2010

Living in a den of theives

Rummaging for answers in the pages.
regina sperktor
my hero

But really I am here to blog about my birthday week.
I had to take a BIG test called Mock Boards at school on Tuesday && Wednesday. Basically it is a mock of the state board test so we are prepared for the REAL deal when we graduate.
I passed. (yay)
Now I am done with all of my testing at school. I just have to get all of my hours so I can get the HECK out of this town. I am not planning on leaving town ... just the Studio Academy of Beauty! ( the studio, the stuUUUuudiooooo)
On Thursday I went to see MARY POPPINS with my MOM!
I did get a little tummy ache from the use of strobe lights
&& from the nasty male dancers in their tight costumes.
No one wants to see that.
Is it just me?
Someone please AGREE with ME!
it's like male figure skaters! EW
On Friday it was my actual BIRTHDAY! the day was pretty uneventful. I went to the suns game with DAD. the ticket said it was an 8:30 game BUT when we got there the game was 3 quarters in, HA. I guess TV dropped the game so it went back to regular start time... 7:00.... but we didn't know that. HAHA.... joke is on us i guess.
Sunday I got my brithday cake! YUMMY!!!!
i blew out ALL 23 candles with one breath.
pure talent.
lungs of a singer.
&& now my birthday week is over.
the end.
OH! && i don't have any pictures of my birthday week.
lame I know.
i'm over it.


  1. I just had to post an unequivocal "NASTY" to tight fitting male costumes (ie: skaters, dancers and emo pants alike!) Ha Ha! Thanks for the laugh!! Happy Belated Birthday Sydney!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun bday. Isn't it weird to be 23?! Sometimes I forget and think I'm still 22. We need to catch up, ASAP! Luv ya a million red swedish fish!!!!!!
    ps. make me laugh.