Sunday, December 19, 2010

catch up time!

In October I wanted so badly to go to DISNEYLAND. A friend of mine had just gone and had an EXTRA one day park hopper pass and offered it to anyone who wanted! I jumped on that opportunity! Allie and I were planning on going on a 24 hour disney trip. The moment I picked up the ticket my friends called and invited me to go to Disneyland with them and so Allie & I decided that would be a better trip.

Tiff, Mauri, Cristina & Me
It was Halloweentime @ DLAND! Dias de las muertos!
Allie & I! of course it is tradition to get a picture on the tram!
World of Color was AWESOME! I might have got a little teary eyed... just sayin.
The guy next to Allie has the best roller coaster face!
The girls decided to ride Grizzly rapids......
...and they got soaked!
Happy day of the dead!
The new Silly Symphony Swings.. I might have got a little sick to my stomach! :)
THE BEST man catching Beignets EVER!

When we first got into Disneyland they had the Disney Main Street Band and Alice and the Mad Hatter dancing all around. They choose Cristina to dance and sing with them!
We had a BLAST and I am so grateful to the Robinsons for sharing their ticket with me and letting me go the the HAPPIEST place on earth! It was a truly terrif time!

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