Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year New Rules

So for the new year I decided that I am gonna have the best dang year EVER!

Here is my list of things I am going to do to make it THE BEST DANG YEAR EVER!

(these are not in any particular order) a better blogger!

2.attend activities

3.see some shows (musicals!)

4.READ good books

.... I got a KINDLE for Christmas and have already read Pride & Prejudice, Rilla of Ingelside and started The Count of Monte Cristo!

5.complete all levels of angrybirds

6.magnify my calling (gospel doctrine teaching)

7.take Gypsy to obedience trainging


9.Spend quality time with my family


11.Find a big girl job

12.DISNEYLAND on my fitness like fergie does in her Fergilicious song

14.Craft my little heart out

15.Cultivate my talents (I've totally slacked on practicing the piano & singing... I am FOR REALS losing them. nobueno!)

16.Put together FUN outfits


18.Go to some baseball games



21.General CONFERENCE! (utah!)

22.Bake (and remember all the ingredients... I tried making a cake for new years and forgot to add water to the recipe... who does that? me. LAME)

23.Wake up and get started.... don't sleep my year away!


25.take lots of pictures

26.LAKE-get my wakeboard on this year

27.TAN... get rid of this pasty paste on my legs... NASTY

28.Stay motivated

29.Be a better sister, daughter, friend and whatever else I am. :)

30.Get closer to my SAVIOR

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  1. SYD! i miss ya!! i love your bigger and better year goals! love it! :) lets get together soon!