Friday, January 28, 2011

Squirrels in my PANTS!

I love squirrels. Once upon a time when I went to EFY there was an instructor who told some story about his wife and she woke up and had Stinky breath and started talking to him and he made mention that she had "squirrel breath". Actually he said "WHhhoooaaa, your breath smells like SQUIRREL!" From then on my obsession with squirrels began!

I also have the BEST story in regards to squirrels from when I went to EA.

On a Sunday afternoon I went with other "students" from the institute to a nursing home to sing hymns and visit with the older folks. We drove over to the home and I was with the first group to arrive. We went up to the door (it was an automatic sliding door) and stood. I assumed it'd be like at Wal-Mart and open when we got to it... but it didn't. We stood there looking like fools trying to get the door to open... I guess the lady at the front had to open it to keep the patients in and strangers out. The front receptionist let us in (the first group) and we waited in the lobby. Soon the other groups started to arrive and were standing... DUMBFOUNDED at the door trying to get in. It took them a while before the kind lady at the front let them in. When the group came in they asked why it wouldn't open... and I replied in all my glory...

" You have to push it because of the squirrels."

I was making it up as I was going... SQUIRRELS? Are there even squirrels in Thatcher? I don't even know. I thought that I was SOOoOoOOoOooo funny. The story gets better though.

A handful of the people that had come in looked straight at me and replied, (are you ready for this?)

"Oh, squirrels. That makes sense."


"oh, squirrels. That makes sense..." Does it? Does it really?

Anyways... I love squirrels. Not real live ones but the ones we can laugh about and not be terrified they're gonna give us rabies or steal our nuts.

"Little girl, don't touch that squirrels nuts!" - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

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