Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bucket List

I have only 24 days until I turn 24.

I am sort of freaking out here. Where am I going with my life... will I ever "grow up"... will I ever accomplish all the things on my bucket list... these are on my mind as I inch closer to the age 24. I know most people are like "You're still a baby, you are so young!". Let's get real. The average life expectancy of Americans is 74-78. SO lets just say I live to be 74 (right in the middle). That gives me only 50 years left to live! I need to start getting things done off my bucket list! Like FOR REALSY!

Soooo.. to get me through the rest of my life I want to do THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!
Sydney's Bucket List

Float on the Great Salt Lake

Dance All Night

Have my "letter to the editor" published

Milk a Cow

Walk down Abbey Road in homage to the Beatles

Volunteer at the special Olympics

Fall in love with the right person

Learn 3 jokes that gets people laughing EVERY TIME i tell them

build my own furniture

Swim in a pool on a cruise ship

Spin a plate on a stick

ride a donkey down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

join a Messiah sing-in at the Mormon Tabernacle

save a half-years salary

March/Participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Go to the Bonneville Salt Flats (UT) for Speed Week

Bid in an auction

Skinny dip under a waterfall (don't judge me)

Split Logs

Travel to : France, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Parts of Africa, England, Ireland & Scotland.

Go to the Redwood Forrest and hug a redwood

Ride a horse on the beach in Hawaii

Nap in a field of wildflowers

Visit every major league baseball stadium

Find a four leaf clover

take up YOGA

ride through Central Park in a horse drawn carriage

ride the cyclone at Coney Island

visit Graceland

Learn to use chopsticks

go to a clambake (YUM)

Solve a Rubik's cube

Go to the Sydney Opera House

Ride a San Francisco Cable Car
(clang, clang clang went the TROLLEY,
ring ring ring went the bell,
BEAT BEAT BEAT went my heartstrings!)

Win at Monopoly

Drink Mint Juleps in New Orleans

Tour the Alamo

Win an argument with my Dad (HAH!)

Have/hire a chauffeur

canoe Loch Ness

love myself (that is HARD!)

Attend a Ball

Ride an elephant/camel/reindeer

Visit Disneyland Once a Month for One Year

Get Married (DUH!)

This is just the beginning of my BL and I only have 50 years to get it done! YIKES! Better start getting to work!

So, to celebrate my last days being 23 I am going to do
thing off this BUCKET list!


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  1. Sydney!! I am so glad I found your blog because you are hilarious!! This just totally made my day! I was seriously laughing so hard. I know you can do it all girl!! Plus so much more! You are such a talented and beautiful person! I miss you! Good luck on your list, and your prince charming is going to be one lucky guy! You go girl!!