Sunday, February 13, 2011

BIG GIRL JOB? check!

So I just wanted to update on my "New Year, New Rules" post.

I have completed the following :
  1. beat angry birds
  2. read books
  3. get big girl job

1.) I beat the angry birds on my phone. I was super excited. I know right? I am a total nerd. But I gladly walk around with the nerd herd who plays Angry Birds.

BUT... ask me how upset I was when I found out they added more levels onto the game AFTER I had complete it? (VERY UPSET!) -----> :(So now I am back to square one... trying to beat
angry birds!

2.) I just finished reading a book from 'The Pioneer Woman" called Black High Heel to Tractor Wheels.

It is the story of a city woman who falls in love with a cowboy and gives up her lifestyle to marry her man! It is a true story and this woman really know how to tell a story! She has an awesome website that is posted below. Check her out you won't be disappointed!

3.) I got a BIG girl job at this cute salon in Gilbert. It is off of Higley & Guadalupe and is called Salon Di Bella. I start this week! I am super excited and am ready to start building my clientele!

So far I am doing pretty good on my New Years list... let's hope I can keep this up!

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