Sunday, February 13, 2011


So the other day I was driving down the freeway. I was in a hurry and in the HOV lane... I had to slow down a considerate amount because I came upon a truck (blue, Chevy silverado, probably an '06 model) and they were putt puttin'. I was sort of irritated because hi... I just had to slow down on the FREEWAY for this vehicle. I figured it was a SNOW BIRD... because lets get real... they are ALL OVER THE VALLEY right now. I mean EVERYWHERE. When I got up to the truck, because Yes, I totally got close to their rear-end, I saw they had a bumper sticker on their window that said ;

You are kidding me, right? You do NOT drive like a Cullen. I am not a huge fan, and I don't get all obsessive about the Twilight series but what an INSULT! So when the opportunity came I passed them and turned to them as I was even with the driver and said

"You don't drive like a CULLEN, LIAR!"

I felt great once I was ahead of them and was able to continue at the speed I like. When I thought back to the experience later that day... I couldn't help but laugh and I was NOT about to pass up the chance to blog about it. Life is too funny!

p.s. it wasn't a snowbird... although THAT would have been funny!

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