Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair Hair and more HAIR!

Last Tuesday Mother had me help her with Mia Maids Mutual. We decided that we would have a "how to hair" lesson. So, I packed my bag full of pins, elastics, hairspray, beach spray and teasing comb. I showed the 14-15 year old girls how to style there hair into the following styles.
Beachy waves! Love this easy style... I wear it so much and taught the girls how to do it too. They were excited for this tid-bit!

The cute twisty buns in the back. So simple. So cute. They liked this one!
The "Top Knot" or "Fun Bun"! A classy look that just works! A very Lauren Conrad look!
and a personal favorite! Braids over the top of your head... Such a stylish/boho look! Takes 2 seconds!

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