Saturday, September 17, 2011

When you wish upon a star!

So, for labor day weekend my Mother, sisters and I tried to make plans to get our bums to the beach. Of course things never work out the way we want them too and I had to work Saturday and mom had to take care of the irrigation saturday night. Being the Disney fans we are, we decided to watch Newsies that Saturday night. It was great. I love me some Jack! (Christian Bale at his finest!) I couldn't help but sing along and have myself a grand time just dancing with them newsies. We all fell asleep on the couch. Sunday morning rolled around and my mom wakes me up from a dead sleep and tells me to get a swim suit and pajamas and that we are headed to our beloved Solana Beach! YAHOO! We hoped into the car and made our way to one of my lifelong favorite spots. I love that town, I love Fletchers Cove and I love the ocean! I couldn't wait.

We got to Solana Beach and hurried to the condo and put on our swim suits. We scurried on down to the beach and found that it was FREEZING. So cold. I was kind of disappointed that I was a weeny and couldn't hack the cold, dreary San Diego weather OR the crowded beach. So we stood on the beach access and tried to decide what action we were going to take. Do we suck it up and try to have a good time on the beach? Do we head back to the condo and watch TV? (because who doesn't drive 6 hours to just go watch tv? I mean COME ON! )

Oh no, not when Randa is your mother- she asks "Well, do you want to go to disneyland?"  and I responded - "Uhhh, do you even need to ask?"

I love disneyland, OBVIOUSLY. The greatest part of our adventure is that we didn't even bring any clothes because mom just told us to pack pajamas and a swim suit. So we stopped at target to get dressed and made our way to the happiest place on earth!

We had a grand time! We got to ride all of the rides we love, try some new rides and of course get our selves some yummy treats! I am so in love with the Dole Pineapple Whip! DIVINE!

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