Monday, June 27, 2011

EA- Memories

Once upon a time I went to EAC (eastern arizona college). It was a blast. I found these pictures and decided to put them up for journaling purposes. I forgot how much fun I had there and realized it was the great people I was surrounded by! What a good time! So here I go, recapping some highlights of the two years I was there going to school!!!

This was actually a trip home from EA, it was someone's homecoming from their mission BUT I love these two a bunch! Bryan and Megan were good friends who would visit us at EA. :)
Going to winter formal! It was so fun! Here was our group!
My family coming to see the show Grease where I played Frenchy!
Some friends came to see the school and the show!
My best bros! Zach and Nick. I love these two!
Jenny and I were visited by our favorite High School teachers during a run of our show Portrait of a Hunchback.
Jenny and I at our show of Salsa dancing!
A fellow cast mate during Salsa, I did her make up and was so proud of the job I did!
Bonfires were a must at EA, great place to mingle with friends!
A school hosted Luau! Gearing me up for my experience at BYU Hawaii!
I made these masks for a show during our winter semester!
One of the many trips down to the temple!
Our apartment one semester, we loved taking pictures!
can't wait for my hair to get this long again!
and I can't wait for my face to be this thin again!
Last run of our show South Pacific! I was a featured dancer. (haha!)
Jenny & I at rehearsal! She makes a great Polynesian! :)
I had such great friends who were so thoughtful!!!
Aspiring to be a hairsylist before I had my license and we just did hair ourselves... haha!
Such fun girls to be with! So many great activities to attend!
Watching the superbowl game.
traveling to watch our little gila monsters play in douglas!
Spring dance! Always a blast!
One time it snowed at EA.
I was so shocked! After this picture my roommates locked me outside in just my towel!
Making roommate christmas cards with our FHE mom Sister Hughes! Love that woman! She was so good to us and called us her "Squirrels!"
Just dancing in the moonlight!!
Best roommates EVER!!!!!!!!!
we did fun stuff like carving pumpkins!
and going to fiestas!
and winning trophies!
Best Institute ever. These girls were/are the BEST examples!
Making the best tasting One Week Unity Cake (we had been roommates for one whole week!)
Cara and I in the kitchen making Sunday Dinner! It's the best!
We would go on picnics by the creek up on Mount Graham!
And we would play night capture the flag on the mountain!
We would drink cream soda!
We would act gangster!
and get sprayed in the face with the sink hose.
and have the best time ever being roommates! I love kiara, she is still my BFF!!!!

As you can see, I had a grand time at EA. I loved the people I met while there! SO FUN!

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