Monday, June 27, 2011

Matched/Hunger Games


If you have yet to read Matched By Ally Condie then DO NOT proceed reading this blog post!

I read Hunger Games last year just in time to read the whole series when Mockingjay came out. It was so bomb. I love love love this series. While at work I heard that there was another book out that had the DYSOTOPIAN vibe to it and of course jumped into this book. It was Matched by Ally Condie. I purchased it on my kindle and was super excited... I finished it in a couple of hours. I totally digged it also BUT I noticed that there were alot of comparisons to Hunger Games. Ready to see?? Let us begin....

  • Main Character- Katniss (HG)/Cassia (M)
  • Boy Interest #1 & also best friend-Gale (HG)/Xander (M)
  • Boy Interest #2 - Peeta (HG)/ KY(M) - I love both characters!!! :)
  • Sibling- Prim (HG)/ Bram (M)
  • Object of rebellion- Mockingjay Pin,Token (HG)/Compact (M)
  • Reigning Power over people- Capital (HG)/ Officials (M)
  • Fire- burning down District 12 (HG)/ Burning books/libraries (M)
  • Both stories talk about a very out of control government, which at one time was the United States, that don't allow originality, rebellion, and punish when someone is out of line.
I loved these books, and there are probably so many more similarities between the two stories. I can't wait for the next book in the MATCHED series because I want to see where this author will take the story! November 2011 can't come soon enough!

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