Sunday, June 26, 2011

The name of the game is...

I have been meaning to get on here and blog for days, I just get super duper distracted and forget that it is on my to do list. But today is a day of rest and I get a chance to breath and to write a little excerpt of my life onto this neglected blog! Just to recap on the goings on of Sydney's awesomespice life! :)

Gypsy underwent surgery to become neutral. (Nu pups for us!!!) But that isn't what I wanted to mention. It was the fact that GYP had to wear the cone of shame!
Don't let her puppy dog eyes fool you! She is just as feisty as usual!!!
We went to Show Low for Memorial Day weekend! To watch my dad play softball!
Driving around Show Low.
We stopped by the dollar store to find these gems!
Got ourselves some deliciousness from Denny's!
Stayed at this nice cabin!
View from the loft!
Watching some vids!
It was Ivy's birthday! But his picture is to show off how adorable Gyp-Gyp is!
again, look how cute gypsy is! And JO is a babe! Of course!
Ivy, sporting her fave Baseball player! AKA her future last name!
what is a birthday celebration without Joe's bbq???
Allie and I, I am trying to get my tan darker so my hair and skin aren't the same color!
Eat for free on your birthday!
Our good friend Jen went and got herself hitched! Here are some pictures from her bachelorette dinner!
What better way to celebrate marriage then with CHEESECAKE?

All the fine ladies that got together!

As you can see I have been a busy lady. Work is going great and I love life!!! If you need your hair did give me a call!!! :)

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